10 Things From Hawai’i I don’t Want to Miss Anymore

Even though I am still getting used to living in Hawai’i after being here for about two and a half years, there are certain things from Hawai’i I don’t want to miss in my life anymore.

So here they are – 10 things I have only seen or experienced in Hawai’i that I don’t want to live without anymore:

  1. Shave Ice: I have seen snow cones or slushies before, but never this delicious, fluffy version that seems like a mixture of those two (and you can even get a scoop of ice cream on the bottom and top it with sweetened condensed milk -yum!).
  2. Wearing Slippers Everywhere: In Hawai’i it seems to be perfectly acceptable to wear your flipflops (in Hawaii: “Slippers”) wherever you go.
  3. Spam Musubis: Such a perfect lunch!
  4. Poke Bowls: Real poke bowls with fresh fish from Hawai’i and rice – not those “poke bowls” they are starting to sell all over the place now, which are a totally different meal.
  5. Amazing Beaches: Having the most beautiful beaches in the world right around the corner has become a luxury that already feels way to normal.
  6. Taro Everything: I love the taste of taro ice cream, taro frozen yogurt, taro bread rolls, taro pie… I could keep going for awhile.
  7. Korean and Japanese Food: I have already gotten used to having endless choices of amazing Korean and Japanese restaurants.
  8. International Friends: I love meeting people and making friends of different cultures. I don’t know if I will ever live in such an intercultural place again.
  9. Island Hopping: It is so nice to be able to travel to the other Hawaiian islands within literally minutes (it takes about 25 minutes to fly to Maui and about 35 minutes to the Big Island).
  10. Plantation Iced Tea: Even though I could actually make this on my own (it’s black tea with pineapple juice), I do think though that it would not taste as good as the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf kind.

Of course there are also many things from Germany that I miss and can’t find here, but these are just a few perks of living in Hawai’i that I don’t want to miss anymore.


One thought on “10 Things From Hawai’i I don’t Want to Miss Anymore

  1. I miss all those, too! But if you’re lucky, you might find a few, depending on where you live (but often the food just isn’t as “ono”). I miss authentic plate lunch and fresh liliko’i juice, too!

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