Interesting Hawai’i Finds

This blog entry is dedicated to all the surprising, weird, and unusual things I have discovered here in Hawai’i – positive and negative. Moving here from Germany was a big step for me and I am not just talking about the distance, which is about 11782 kilometers. There are some things I have discovered and experienced here in Hawai’i that are certainly new to me.

Here are some of the things I have found:

  • It’s perfectly acceptable to wear flip-flops pretty much anywhere.
  • In relation to that – there is pretty much no dress code for anything other than work.
  • Also, I can go a very long time without wearing any socks.
  • It almost never gets colder than 20 degrees celsius.
  • You can find wild peacocks and chameleons in the Hawaiian jungle.
  • Yet, there are no snakes in Hawai’i.
  • There are lots of geckos around and they are adorable.
  • There are cockroaches as big as mice and moths as big as small bats.
  • A lot of people here are bad drivers or just don’t know any traffic rules.
  • Ironically though, it is not required to wear a helmet when riding a scooter or a motorcycle.
  • Even though it doesn’t really get cold here, the winter months are too cold to go swimming in the ocean or pool (at least for me they are).
  • Target here is actually a great store for grocery shopping (and also everything else, duh) and turns out to often be cheaper than most other stores.
  • It actually snows in Hawai’i (on Mauna Kea on the Big Island) during the winter months.
  • You can’t find any billboards here – Hawai’i actually outlawed them.
  • I discovered I find Spam delicious.
  • Also, I started eating other kinds of meats I never thought I would like such as pork belly and different types of beef.
  • I haven’t met any vegans yet and only very few vegetarians.
  • Actual Hawaiians are very hard to find these days.
  • There is a high rate of acceptance of other cultures and not a lot of racism here (YAY!!)

Even though I probably could keep going for a while, since Hawai’i and Germany really are two very different places, let’s end this list on that note – a very positive one in my opinion.


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