You Guys Are Moving AGAIN?

That is what people asked us every time we moved into a new place here in Hawai’i. We are not planning on moving again, but we have been moving a lot since we first came here. Four times to be exact. Moving constantly and always trying to improve your living situation is just part of the everyday life here in Honolulu.

In Germany, once people find an apartment they want to move into, they generally stay. I don’t mean forever, but at least for a while. If the neighbors are not constantly partying, the landlord is nice enough, you are not planning on leaving town, and you get along with your roommates there is usually no reason to find a new apartment. I was born and raised in Germany, I basically lived there my whole life, and only lived in three different houses (four if I am counting my sublet from two summers ago). Within the two and a half years I have been here I have also lived in four different places. Quite a track record you might say and I agree.

Josh actually moved out here before I did and was in a rush to find an apartment before school started. So he basically took the first place he could find that was within our price range and in close proximity to the university. That place turned out to be, well, let’s say the worst place I have ever lived in. Luckily, he only signed a 4-month lease so we were outta there by Christmas. The apartment itself was quite big and had a sort of renovated bathroom, but it was infested by some kind of weird ants. We didn’t know until after we moved out that those bugs were actually ants and kept thinking they were roaches. So we kept fighting them with roach killers, which of course was not very successful. Also, all of the windows were those weird jalousie windows which are very popular in Hawai’i, but just awful in my opinion. Until today and don’t understand the purpose of those windows. You can’t see through them, which means when they are closed you can’t see the outside and they are not air-tight, so bugs can basically get in at all times if they try hard enough.

Our second place was a house in Kailua, we decided to leave Honolulu for a while and live closer by our favorite beach. We shared the house with, let’s just say, a few roommates, which was actually nice because we didn’t know very many people here. We really enjoyed living there, especially because the beach was only a little more than 5 minutes walking distance from our house. I will never forget sitting in our kitchen at night and listening to the sound of the waves. However, we knew from the very beginning that this place would be temporary since the lease of the house was up only 7 months after we moved in. I actually left early to go back to Germany to finish school and get my paperwork sorted out before moving out here permanently.

When I returned from Germany we immediately had to move all of our things to an new place in Kailua. We moved in with one of our old roommates who had gotten a place directly in Kailua town. It was super convenient to live that centrally located in Kailua, especially because there was a Target right behind our house. Yep, no kidding, it was literally right there and there even was a gate we could go through. Even though that was like a dream come true, I have to admit I went there way too much and spent way to much money. However, with both of us working in Honolulu and most of our friends living there as well we decided that we wanted to find a place in the city as well. Also, I missed city live like crazy. Not that Bremen is such as massive city, but it definitely has a lot of the big city perks I like. Such as great public transportation, shops and restaurants in walking distance, as well as some nice places to go out at night.

So here we are now. We moved again and now live in an apartment in the middle of Honolulu. We have been living here for over a year now and absolutely love it. The place is in close proximity to my work, the university, as well as downtown and the mall. It is not quite large, but it is big enough for us and our things here in Hawaii. So after all the apartment hunting, we are definitely planning on staying here until we will leave Hawaii.

Our current living room

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