Welcome to: German Girl in Hawai’i

You might wonder: What brings a girl from Northern Germany to one of the Hawaiian islands? Well, I am not a professional surfer, I can tell you that.

I have moved to the island of Oahu a little over two years ago, after spending about six months here to write my master thesis. What made me come here in the first place? My husband, originally from California, is getting his Phd at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. We currently live in Honolulu, the capital of Hawai’i.

I am an ESL teacher as well as the program director of a preschool enrichment program. My life here is very busy with work and other responsibilities, but I am still trying to stay fit and healthy, pursue my hobbies, know the latest fashion trends, and keep up with friendships here as well as in Germany, which is not always an easy task.

My husband and I enjoy living on Oahu, even though it comes with a lot of struggles. However, we also miss being close to our families and all of the other perks Europe and my husband’s “home state” bring with them. Living in Hawai’i is not just very different from living in Europe, but it is also very different from the mainland of the US. From finding the perfect apartment and a job that pays more than minimum wage (even with a master’s degree), to making friends here, everything just seems slightly harder than anywhere else we have ever lived. All of those things are topics I would like to share on this blog. If you are interested in any further information about moving to Hawai’i (not just as a German) feel free to contact me. Of course, I am also interested in hearing about other people’s stories that have moved to places that are very different from their hometowns/countries.